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10 Unique Things to do in Dubai — Bucket List Journey

Over the past decade, Dubai has made remarkable growth and has become a benchmark for the world. The journey from being a small Bedouin village to the largest oil supplier and finally becoming the global entertainment hub of the world, Dubai has come a long way. The amazing city of Dubai stretches for 25 miles and offers ample opportunities for tourists to experience new and exciting things.

Apart from being a world famous shopping destination and a city of world records, it has many exclusive things to Here are 10 most unique things to do in Dubai that no other city offers or even if they do, the charm is not the same.

Cool Things to do in Dubai

1. An exclusive view of the world

It is not yet possible to see the world the way it is from the mighty Burj Khalifa- the world’s tallest standing man-made structure. It is hard to describe the view from its 144th floor observation desk in words and that is what makes it a must visit place. The Burj Khalifa is standing tall on top of the world at a height of 829.8 meters, thus, creating an iconic skyline of Dubai.

2. Eat, stay at the world’s only 7 star hotel of the world

With there being many choices though of accommodation, the idea of staying at the beautiful and iconic Burj Al Arab is definitely a place worth being at (if your pocket allows). While the only super luxurious 7 star hotel in the world is a treat to your senses, its design has become the development icon of the city of Dubai. The Burj Al Arab stands erect on an artificial island and is the 3rd

3. Shop at the world’s biggest mall

Visiting Dubai and not seeing the grandeur of the biggest mall in the world is not possible. Visit Dubai mall- the biggest mall of the world in terms of area has over 120 cafes and restaurants and over 1200 retail outlets to shop from. The mall is home to the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo as well. It also boasts of an Olympic proportion skating rink.

Sky dive over Palm Jumeirah
Photo by Sky dive over Palm Jumeirah

4. Sky dive over Palm Jumeirah

This is truly going to be your one of a kind experience. Skydiving over the artificial archipelago of Palm Jumeirah shaped like a palm tree promises you of magnificent views and top notch adrenaline rush. And yes, you don’t need to be a trained diver, there are special sky diving feats organized for newbie’s too.

5. Enjoy the Dubai Desert Safari

Let’s admit there’s nothing like the Dubai desert safari experience. A chance to experience the Bedouin era clubbed with a touch of luxury and royalty can only happen in Dubai. Take a four wheel drive to the authentic campsite in the middle of the desert with traditional dances, cuisine and entertainment only

.6. Witness the Dubai Fountain show

Who would want to miss a chance of witnessing a free show of the world’s biggest choreographed water fountain at the world’s biggest mall? Visit the Dubai mall between (Saturday to Thursday 1pm and 1.30pm; 6- 11pm every 30 minutes and Friday 1.30pm and 2pm; 6- 11pm every 30 minutes) and enjoy the spectacular show of the Dubai fountain. Even if you have seen the Bellagio fountain in the Vegas, this one is much bigger, better, louder and grander than that.

7. Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden

Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the world’s biggest natural flower garden that houses over 45 million different species of flowers spread over a 72000 sq. meter site. It has traditional flower beds, topiary style majestic displays, and blooms tailored into different shapes that will leave you awestruck and Only one of its kind man-made island structures in the world, the Palm islands consist of the design of a tree trunk, with a crown of 16 fronds surrounded by a crescent shaped island that forms an 11km long breakwater. The island adds 16km to the Dubai coastline. The island consists of uber luxury residences, entertainment centers, hotels, and resorts that make your visit truly memorable. It is preferred by honeymooners for a private beach honeymoon.

9. Shop at the Dubai Shopping Festival

A month long extravaganza that pulls the crowd from all over the world- the Dubai Shopping festival yearly attracts over a million tourists from across the globe. Why? Well, so far it is the benchmark for all the other festivals in the world. The best of brands showcase the best of their deals during this festival. With raffles and cash prize amounting to several lakh per day and best deals on the all kinds of products, from electronics to jewelry; who would not want to be a part of the galore.

10. Eat the food of Dubai

What’s so different about the food of Dubai? Well, to start with, this is the only place where you get to see an entire camel cooked as a delicacy. Dubai is a city that has only 15% population of locals and the rest 85% of expats and thus, the cuisine is quite cosmopolitan. Only in Dubai will you find a perfect blend of almost all kinds of cuisines of the world and that too you will find them across all price ranges. Dubai is a foodie’s paradise, both with a heavy pocket and for the ones on a budget.

It’s hard to classify only a few unique things to do in Dubai. There are so many different things to experience and enjoy in this unique city of UAE that even after visiting the city numerous times, there’s always something new, something exciting to discover. So wait no more, apply for a visa for Dubai today

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