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17 Best Vegan Restaurants in Aruba (in 2024)

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Looking for the best vegan restaurants in Aruba? You’ve come to the right place because the best vegan food in Aruba is featured here!

Aruba is the most re-visited island in the Caribbean…and with good reason!

It’s located outside of the hurricane belt, boasts near-perfect weather year-round, offers lots of things to do and is home to the world’s most beautiful beaches.

But it has another attraction many people don’t know about. You won’t believe all the fabulous vegan restaurants and vegan-friendly resorts serving delicious vegan food in Aruba! 

I’ve been writing about this beautiful paradise for about six years now. In the beginning, I could hardly find a restaurant that offered vegan options aside from salad.

Now, I can hardly keep up with all that’s new in the world of plant-based dining in Aruba!

So whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a flexitarian interested in eating less meat, here are the top vegan-friendly places you don’t want to miss on a visit to One Happy Island:

1. Po-ké Ono, Renaissance Marketplace

Two vegan poke bowls at Poké Ono.
Dive into the vegan poke bowls at Po-ké Ono. (Credit: Jessica Percy-Campbell)

Hawaiian-inspired food on Aruba? Why not get the best of both worlds?

Located in downtown Oranjestad at the Renaissance Marketplace (Google Map), Po-ké Ono is fun and vegan-friendly, offering a variety of clearly marked veggie options.

 Be sure to try the flower power sushi roll, which includes the unbeatable combo of watermelon, spicy mango, and avocado.

The herbivore bao bun is another fantastic option.

Finally, do not leave without tasting their delicious watermelon sensation poke bowl, made with fresh watermelon, avocado, mango, pickled cucumber, edamame, and spicy sweet chilli dressing.

🌟 Fun Fact: The name Po-ké Ono is partially inspired by Po from Kung Fu Panda, which also happens to be Chef Urvin Croes’ nickname.

Chef Urwin is a mastermind when it comes to vegan food and has truly knocked it out of the park with his vegan sushi, gyoza, poké bowls and more.

Po-ké Ono also has a second location at Azure on J.E. Irausquin Blvd 260, Oranjestad. (Google Map).

2. Coco Café, Boardwalk Boutique Hotel, Palm Beach Area

Vegan fare by the pool at Boardwalk Hotel in Aruba.
Enjoy vegan fare by the pool, in your room or beachside. (Credit: Jessica Percy-Campbell)

When it comes to vegan-friendly hotels, Boardwalk Boutique Hotel Aruba near Palm Beach (Google Map) is one of my absolute favourite places to stay.

This colorful boutique hotel has some of most eco-friendly practices around.

Their private casitas are super cute and surrounded by lush flora and fauna. The entire property is a true serene paradise.

The Boardwalk has an amazing new addition, the Coco Café. Coco Café boasts multiple delicious vegan options such as refreshing tropical smoothie bowls.

Try the acai bowl or mango, pineapple, and banana bowl. Looking for something more substantial? They also serve a mean tofu veggie scramble, among other vegan treats.

Enjoy your food delivered to your room, have your breakfast poolside, or do what we did and bring it with you to Palm Beach across the street.

The beach is a short 5 minute walk, or you can catch the free shuttle. If you’re looking to go the picnic route, the front desk even has coolers for guests to borrow for the day!

For guests in their villa, they’ve also introduced a new floating brunch, an unforgettable experience for honeymooners.

🌟 Insider Tip: Starting in 2025, the Boardwalk Hotel will be fully adults only and is already listed as one of the best boutique hotels in Aruba.

Check rates and availability at Boardwalk Boutique Hotel Aruba on Booking.com.

3. Madero Pool & Beach Grill, The Ritz-Carlton Aruba, Palm Beach

A feast of vegan food at Madero Pool & Beach Grill.
A vegan feast at Madero Pool & Beach Grill. (Credit: Jessica Percy-Campbell)

For lunch by the beach, another Palm Beach gem for vegan food in Aruba is the Madero Pool & Beach Grill.

Located at the always impressive Ritz-Carlton Aruba, this is the perfect breezy outdoor lunch spot with great tropical cocktails (we love the pina colada).

It’s also got the absolute best service you’ll find anywhere (thanks Mark!).

Try their vegan cheeseburger with fries. Or, if looking for a lighter choice, they serve a great poke bowl with tofu as well as a veggie wrap.

Most importantly, be sure to save room for their famous vegan chocolate cake for dessert.

On our most recent visit, we had the most amazing off-menu feast for a special occasion.

Chef Djurick truly pulled out all the stops with a mock shrimp cocktail, Beyond Meat nachos, an unreal mushroom-based shawarma platter, and a decadent chocolate cake, all fully vegan!  

Special off-menu dietary restriction requests can be made here and at other Ritz restaurants such as Solanio, In Room Dining and Divi Sushi Lounge.

Simply contact the restaurant a minimum of 48 hours in advance for details.

4. Papillon Restaurant, Palm Beach

Fine-dining vegan food at Papillon Restaurant.
Fine-dining at Papillon Restaurant. (Credit: Jessica Percy-Campbell)

If you’re looking for an unforgettable culinary experience, Papillon is the place to be.

Papillion has an entire vegan menu, which has been carefully curated to emulate seafood favourites.

The extensive vegan menu features exciting items such as Eggplant Bouillabaisse (vegan fish stew) and tasty vegan crab cakes with tartar sauce.

They even offer vegan escargots made from mushroom. A very rare find!

These French-Caribbean inspired dishes are designed to pair perfectly with their extensive wine list offerings.

Papillon Restaurant offers an elegant dining experience and is absolutely not to be missed.

🌟 Pro Tip: After dinner, be sure to take a leisurely stroll around the area. There’s always lots to do, including shopping and the free nightly water fountain show at the Paseo Herencia Mall.  

5. Senses Fine-Dining Restaurant, Radisson Blu Aruba, Palm Beach

Fresh salad at Senses Fine Dining in Aruba. Credit: Jessica Percy-Campbell
Enjoy upscale vegan cuisine at Senses Fine Dining. (Credit: Jessica Percy-Campbell)

On my most recent trip to the island, I had the pleasure of checking into the Radisson Blu Aruba (Google Map) for the first time.

I loved the chic Miami-style accommodations, the outdoor rooftop pool, and the unbeatable high-rise sunset views.

Radisson Blu Aruba is also home to Senses Fine Dining, a magnificent upscale restaurant.

My party was delighted to find many clearly marked vegan options on the menu. We started with a fresh beet salad with microgreens, turnip, and pumpkin. So healthy!

We also enjoyed the grilled tempeh and the Portobello dish, beautifully plated with Shimeji mushrooms, truffle demi-glace sauce, roasted potato, and mixed veggies.

Senses Fine Dining is all about plating creative dishes using sustainable high-quality ingredients. Reservations are required.

6. Cuba’s Cookin’ at Renaissance Marketplace: Vegan Food and More

En route from Palm Beach to Savaneta where the Aruba Ocean Villas are located, we always stop in downtown Oranjestad to see what’s new.

It’s home to some of the best local fare in Aruba! Of course, we never miss a chance to visit Cuba’s Cookin’ at Renaissance Marketplace (Google Map).

This popular eatery has always offered great live music and authentic Cuban cuisine.

Recently, they’ve amped up their menu to add a whole new vegan menu. Highlights include several new vegan appetizers and entrees.

I was delighted to try the plantain pizza medallions. They were crispy and sweet and topped with vegan cheese and veggies. I added a dollop of guacamole on each, because avocados make my world go ’round.

The vegan dinner menu also includes tropical salad with tofu cutlets, portobello ribs in BBQ sauce, tofu ropa vieja, a Cuban Chinatown pot and more. 

Be sure to stop in for a refreshing mojito along with the great vegan food.

7. Eduardo’s Beach Shack, Palm Beach

As Aruba’s favourite juice and smoothie bar, Eduardo’s Beach Shack is a mandatory pitstop on Palm Beach. You can easily spot it by the crowds of people lining up in their bathing suits to get a taste of their smoothies, healthy bowls, and lunch meals.

Lucky for me, it’s a very short walk on the beach from the Holiday Inn Resort Aruba, where we always stay for a few nights.

I have never missed a stop in at this cute little spot on any trip to Aruba, because they have some of the most delicious organic smoothie bowls I’ve ever tried.

Another must-try at Eduardo’s is the vegan waffles topped with fruit with Cocowhip. I was pleased to see that Eduardo’s has also added a café for the caffeine fiends among us.

I also recently visited their sister location, Eduardo’s Hideaway at Saliña Cerca 9N, Noord (Google Map).

There, I absolutely loved the breakfast tacos and the relaxed vibe.

8. Da Vinci Ristorante at Holiday Inn Beach Resort and Casino

A close-up of the Holiday Inn Aruba's Vegan Risotto.
Enjoy this fabulous Risotto di Barbabietola Arrosto made from roasted beet root.(Credit: Jessica Percy-Campbell)

Over the last few years of visiting Aruba, it’s been heart-warming to watch the Holiday Inn become a vegan-friendly resort thanks to their hard-working food and beverage team.

Da Vinci Ristorante is their wonderful Italian-themed dinner restaurant. Chef Aldwin’s Risotto di Barbabietola Arrosto made from roasted beet root is outstanding.

As with many places on the island, be sure to alert the restaurant of your dietary restrictions well in advance. They’re always happy to accommodate your visit. 

In addition to the Holiday Inn’s prime location on one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, I also love the authentic Italian setting of Da Vinci Ristorante.

Their enormous wine selection makes this an especially romantic spot for a date night in Aruba!

9. Bucuti Elements, Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort

When you’re on the prowl for an organic restaurant with a breathtaking view of the sunset, look no further.

Elements is situated on one of the prettiest sections of Eagle Beach, and is surrounded by white sand and high palms.

Elements Restaurant has been leading the way in vegetarian/vegan-friendly dining for years. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is well known for its eco-conscious sustainable practices.

Their “adult only” policy makes a dinner setting all the more romantic — it’s one of the best choices for  Date Night in Aruba.

My partner and I were lucky enough to experience the Private Romantic Dining package, where we were served dinner at own private palapa by the sea.

Private romantic dining at Elements.
Date-night worthy fare at Elements. (Credit: Jessica Percy-Campbell)

This package includes a full 6-course gourmet vegan menu and a bottle of wine. We opted for healthy watermelon di basil mocktails instead. We were treated like absolute gold by the service staff. The food was outstanding as usual. 

Be sure to try the vegan onion soup, the potato gnocchi delight and the grilled pineapple with coconut sorbetto for dessert. To die for!

10. Beach Bar Aruba, Druif Beach

hearty veggie burgers.at Druif Beach in Aruba.
Head to the Beach Bar for one of these hearty veggie burgers. (Credit: Jessica Percy-Campbell)

Right across the street from the Divi Golf Village on beautiful Druif Beach is the new Beach Bar Aruba.

It’s the perfect place to grab a Beyond Meat Burger with vegan cheese and caramelized onions while enjoying a spectacular surfside setting.

Everyone who is anyone knows that Beyond Meat is the best veggie burger on the market in terms of taste and texture.

So, what more could a girl ask for? How about live bands and a great house DJ and award-winning craft cocktails to set the mood?

They’ve got that, too!

(Note: This beach bar is not part of any of the Divi All-Inclusive packages. It’s open to the public as a stand-alone establishment.)

🌟 Pro Tip: Follow Divi Resorts online to keep an eye on their legendary contests and 50% off sales for all-inclusive packages!

11. Aruba Ocean Villas, Savaneta

Without a doubt, Aruba Ocean Villas is the most Instagrammable resort you will ever find.

Everywhere you look, Osyth, the creative mastermind behind it all, has constructed a uniquely beautiful scene to strike a pose in.

We’re talking luxury overwater bungalows with handmade chandeliers. Your followers will think you’re in Bora Bora!

What I really love most about this boutique resort in Aruba is how private it is. After a busy week on Palm Beach, we usually spend a few days at the Villas, and it almost feels like we’re on a totally different island.

Each visit we try a surprise menu item, which is always delicious. Most recently, I tried the stuff bell peppers for dinner.

Previously, I have been offered veggie stir-fry and hearty tomato pasta for dinner.

For breakfast I loved the fruit plate tasty homemade arepas (authentic Venezuelan sandwiches) filled with fried veggies.

Meals are served outside on the beach, or out on a private pier overlooking the water. There’s only one pier table, so reservations are mandatory. 

Aruba Ocean Villas is always happy to accommodate special diets. However, it’s always important to notify the team of your needs well in advance.

🌟 Insider Tip: Ask Wendel, local bartender and singer guitar player extraordinaire, for one of his famous margaritas. If you’re lucky, he’ll even play you an Ed Sheeran song!

12. Ike’s Bistro, Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa

Located on the serene Eagle Beach, Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa is a landmark hotel that turned their focus to health and wellness holidays many years ago.

They have one of the largest seafront yoga and Pilates palapas on the island, offer daily classes and lots of health-conscious food and drink on site as well. They also have their own on-site herb garden.

When it comes to fine cuisine, poolside Ike’s Bistro is just one of several exciting restaurants on this property.

There, they’ve not only added new plant-based options, but now offer an entire stand-alone vegan menu beyond their regular fare.

(To find it click on the Ike’s Bistro online, click menus and scroll down to special menus beneath the main dinner one).

It’s comprehensive with appetizers, soups, mains, and desserts. And they also offer a 3-course vegan chef tasting menu, with or without wine.

Unique plant-based dishes — such as lychee ceviche and cauliflower steak — push the boundaries of creativity in a way that would have been unheard of in the early days of vegan dining in Aruba.

13. One Happy Bowl, Renaissance Marketplace

I’ve written about this new vegan restaurant in Aruba (Google Map) before. But love to mention it again because One Happy Bowl is just such a great lunch spot for the health-conscious.

🌟 Pro Tip: One Happy Bowl is very handy if you’re spending the day at Flamingo Beach on Renaissance Island.

As one of Aruba’s only all vegan and gluten free restaurants, it has been very well received by the local community. I love the flexibility in options this restaurant gives, as you can build your own happy bowl.

Start by choosing a base such as rice or quinoa, pick your protein from tofu, tempeh, or black eyed peas patties.

You then have the tough decision of choosing four toppings from interesting options like watermelon tuna or mango, then add a sauce (hello creamy siracha).

Add a final touch such as local sprouts and you’re ready to eat. The possibilities are endless!

🌟 Worth Noting: One Happy Bowl has just earned their Aruba Quality Seal award of excellence! Congrats.

14. Yemanja Woodfire Grill, Oranjestad

When it comes to vegan food, Yemanja Woodfire Grill is one of those places that just gets it: exciting atmosphere and creative taste.

It’s a short walk from the cruise terminal and should definitely be added to everyone’s list of top places to eat in Oranjestad. 

Yemanja is known for paying close attention to detail with their diverse menu and artistic plating.

They can accommodate all types of diets, and this is somewhere that everyone can enjoy.

All vegetarian dishes can be made vegan upon request. Gluten-free options are also available.

And no worries about the dress code – smart casual and you’re good to go.

Must-try dishes include the cauliflower steak, grilled stuffed Portobello mushrooms and the vegan BBQ platter.

15. Fishes and More, Palm Beach

While Aruba, and Caribbean islands in general, are well-known for their seafood, sometimes seafood restaurants leave out vegan options.

Getting the flavours right can sometimes be tricky to master.

But not at Fishes and More! Many people are absolutely raving about the incredible vegan food here – especially the appetizers and mains.

I actually had someone sitting near me on a flight from Aruba tell me about it.

Local vegan activist and restaurant consultant, Meredith Marin (featured in the photo) has spent the last few years teaming up with restaurants like this one to make truly epic vegan creations.

With offerings such as lychee ceviche, watermelon tuna and Portobello shrimp tempura in the seafood platter, Fishes and More is not to be missed.

16. Infini Chef’s Table, Blue Residences, Eagle Beach

Experience a very special evening at Infini, located within the Blue Residences luxury vacation rentals on Eagle Beach.

Chef Urvin Croes strikes again with his new vision of a chef’s table in an intimate setting (20 people maximum).

It includes the option of an artful vegan tasting menu and cocktail (or mocktail) pairing.

Chef Urvin is a true genius with plant-based cooking. He loves to showcase innovative ideas like vegan olive oil caviar in some of his dishes.

You just never know what he might whip up at the next Chef’s Table.

To see what the fuss is all about, be sure to make a reservation. Also alert the restaurant of your dietary needs at least 48 hours in advance.

17. purebeach and pureocean, Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort

Another of our favourite places to stay on the island is Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort. It’s also one of the best places for vegan food.

During our recent visit, for breakfast and dinner, we ate at pureocean. For both meals, the chefs prepared something special for my arrival.

Here, it’s always good to alert the food and beverage team in advance so that the kitchen can prepare.

I was very excited to see vegan LightLife bacon included with a huge bowl of fried veggies, tropical fruits, and multi-grain toast with peanut butter.

During the day we also enjoyed lunches at purebeach, where we were able to sip cocktails at the swim-up bar and enjoy lunch in the pool!

They also serve a great veggie burger made with couscous, squash, sweet potato and carrots.

Just ask them to hold the mayo!

For dinner, the pureocean kitchen went off the menu to make an incredible vegan eggplant lasagna and spinach strawberry salad. They even remembered to include vegan butter for the bread.

I enjoyed the rest of the lasagna for lunch the next day as we had a full kitchen and fridge in our suite. I really appreciated the effort from the food and beverage team at Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort to accommodate vegan diners.

Travel Planner for Vegan Restaurants in Aruba

Dining at Madero Pool & Beach Grill. (Credit: Jessica Percy-Campbell)

Get maps, travel advice on points of interest in Aruba and other valuable resources on the official tourism website.

Check the official Aruba Tourism Authority site for details on attractions and sightseeing.

All Photos by Jessica Percy-Campbell unless otherwise noted.

This post was originally published on March 5, 2020 but was updated with current information and photos on March 18, 2024 following onsite visits in Aruba.

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Best Vegan Restaurants in Aruba
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