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Thursday, July 18, 2024

19 High-Paying Work From Home Jobs to Explore

Are you looking for high-paying work from home jobs to meet your financial goals? Strap in as we take a look at 19 top-paying jobs, all with remote opportunities.

Gone are the days when work from home jobs were just a way to earn a little extra cash. While side hustles are great (and profitable!), you can now find a full-time remote career. It’s easier than ever, with an influx of high-paying remote jobs across industries.

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of hiring remote employees, from cost savings to increased productivity. This means a wide-open market for high-paying, salaried positions.

With a rapidly increasing cost of living, none of us can afford a mediocre salary. But you can have your cake and eat it too – with the flexibility of a remote position and high earnings to boot!

In this post, we’re sharing our top picks for high-paying work from home jobs, with options for a variety of skill sets. 

Let’s dig in. 

A woman working from home on a laptop in her kitchen.

1. Data Analyst

Average salary – $89,795 per year

Data analysts’ primary role is to gather, analyze, and process data sets in several fields, including tech, finance, and healthcare. 

Strengths for this position include statistics and math skills, database management, strong communication skills, and adaptability. 

Find more information on how to become a data analyst here

2. Financial Analyst

Average salary – $101,650 per year 

Chartered financial analysts are well-paid, with positions requiring the evaluation and forecasts of financial data. 

You’ll make investment recommendations, so a strong understanding of financial markets and regulatory knowledge is essential. 

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3. Software Engineer

Average salary – $143,567 per year

Software engineers work to develop, test, design, and maintain software.

Positions tend to require a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or related field. Programming skills in Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, and C++ are needed, along with strong problem-solving skills and knowledge of operating systems. 

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4. UI/UX Designer

Average salary – $101,439 per year

User Interface/User Experience designers are front-end developers who craft functional and appealing websites, applications, and mobile apps. 

The necessary skill sets will differ depending on the position, but strong graphic design skills and knowledge of web development (HTML, Java) are often required.

Mobile developers will need familiarity with IOS, Android, and other mobile operating systems.

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5. Technical Writer

Average salary – $91,709 per year

Technical writers are among the highest-paid in the writing field. Their responsibilities include communicating clear guidelines in instruction manuals, online help systems, developer guides, and more. 

Strong writing and research skills are a necessity.

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6. Psychiatrist 

Average salary – $283,416 per year

As a psychiatrist, you can meet with patients virtually from the comfort of your own home, offering support, prescriptions, and diagnoses. 

Psychiatrists must be licensed and certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. 

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7. Legal Consultant

Average salary – $134,597 per year

Unlike attorneys, legal consultants are free to work from home and advise clients on risk management and regulatory compliance. 

Many legal consultants are licensed attorneys with skill sets, including negotiation, communication, analytical skills, and field-specific expertise. 

8. Telemedicine Physician

Average salary – $308,712 per year

This high-paying work-from-home job is relatively new, allowing physicians to practice medicine virtually. This accessible healthcare solution is only growing, offering consultations and follow-ups over the phone. 

Medical licensing is necessary, with recommended training in telemedicine. 

As all consults are done by video chat, excellent communication skills that transcend the screen are a must. 

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9. Digital Marketing Manager

Average salary – $126,597 per year

Similar to a traditional marketing director, a digital marketing manager feeds the trend cycle, developing and managing marketing campaigns to drive sales goals.

A degree or experience in marketing, along with knowledge of strategic planning, email marketing, and digital advertisement, is a huge asset. 

Interested more in social media? A social media manager is a related role, focusing on content creation for platforms including Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), Pinterest, and TikTok. Bonus – social media managers can work from their smartphones!

Both roles are highly dynamic, implementing creative solutions to larger business plans.

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10. Cloud Architect

Average salary – $200,037 per year

Cloud architects are information technology specialists who manage cloud computing systems, ensuring everything runs smoothly. 

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer science (or related field) and a Cloud-specific certification such as Google Professional Cloud Architect. 

11. E-Commerce Manager

Average salary – $110,008 per year

This work from home job uses a combination of sales and branding skills, overseeing the online brand, tracking sales, and managing products. 

Specific requirements will vary based on the role and size of the company, but experience in SEO, marketing, social media, and various e-commerce platforms is a must. 

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12. SEO Specialist 

Average salary – $80,967 per year

Being an SEO specialist is one of the best work-from-home jobs because it’s highly flexible and offers high-earning potential. 

The role of an SEO specialist is to increase the organic traffic to clients’ websites using high-ranking phrases and keywords. 

SEO specialists also monitor performance, deliver client analytics, and work on link-building to increase search engine rankings. 

Learn how to become an SEO specialist here.

13. Graphic Designer

A woman sitting on the floor in her living room and working from home on a laptop.

Average salary – $82,858 per year

Graphic designers are always in high demand in industries like advertising, product design, and public relations. 

Necessary skills include artistic ability, knowledge of color theory, experience with design software, and strong attention to detail. 

The salary range is wide based on experience, though the average makes it one of the best high-paying work-from-home jobs. 

Discover remote graphic designer jobs that are hiring now!

14. Clinical Trial Manager

Average salary – $147,741 per year

Clinical trial managers ensure all clinical trials run smoothly, ethically, and with regulatory compliance.

To run clinical trials, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in life sciences or a related field. As an added credential, you can become a Certified Clinical Research Professional.

Medical knowledge, project management skills, and data management are also essential.

Read more about managing clinical trials as well as the best remote jobs for nurses

15. Senior Account Manager

Average salary – $156,182 per year

Being an account manager is one of the best high-paying work-from-home jobs, particularly at the senior level. 

Senior account managers are liaisons between high-level clients and their employers. They may also oversee lower-level account managers, offering more complexity to the role. 

Leadership, relationship management, communications, and excellent social skills are needed. You’ll likely also need education in marketing and business administration. 

16. Medical Director

Average salary – $354,374 per year

Medical director positions are among the highest-paying remote jobs, offering generous salaries based on extensive education and experience. 

Healthcare organizations offer remote positions for this role, overseeing clinic or hospital administration. 

This role ensures that healthcare organizations run ethically and produce high-quality care. It also implements policy, manages staff, and oversees budgets. 

Clinical expertise is essential, and you must be a licensed medical doctor for this role. 

Note that for remote positions, you must be licensed in the state where the healthcare organization is located. 

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17. Research Engineer

Average salary – $153,824 per year

Research engineers combine research with engineering principles to problem-solve, develop new tech, and improve existing systems. 

You’ll find these positions in several industries like software, biotechnology, and even aerospace!

For this role, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in engineering, field-specific technical knowledge, excellent problem-solving skills, and technical writing experience to document your findings. 

Learn how to work from home doing internet research here. 

18. Technical Support Engineer

Average salary – $93,581 per year

Technical support engineers work on the backend, offering IT support, performing audits to mitigate risks and security breaches, and troubleshooting hardware, software, and network glitches. 

A computer science degree or related experience in a technical field is preferred. You must be comfortable performing risk assessments and have strong technical knowledge. 

Discover the best remote tech support jobs here. 

19. Privacy Officer

Average salary – $160,170 per year

Privacy officers are important positions within all companies. They follow protocols to ensure companies handle personal data according to the law.

As data protection has become a larger issue, these roles are becoming even more essential. 

Experience in business, law, or information security and expert knowledge of privacy laws are needed.

Are High-Paying Work From Home Jobs Possible to Find?

Remote work suits several in-demand positions, making it surprisingly easy to find high-paying gigs. 

With more companies offering hybrid or remote positions, you can likely find a competitive salary in your field of expertise. 

For more job-hunting tips, sign up here for our newsletter, which offers exclusive content to help you secure your dream job. 

Happy hunting, folks!

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