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Saturday, July 20, 2024

20 Work from Home Jobs for Moms

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

20 Work from Home Jobs for MomsThere are a lot of moms who read my blog and would like to work from home.  Whether you are expecting your first child, a new mom, or already have children at home, there are several opportunities you can try.  Before you apply to any companies, I would encourage you to write down a plan about your work from home goals.  This will help you narrow down your job search and make it more attainable for you to reach your goals.

  • Think about how many hours and what days you want to work.
  • What field are you interested in working in?
  • What kind of experience or skills do you have?
  • Ask your spouse, friends, and family members what your strengths are.
  • Look for jobs that appeal to you.
  • Set realistic expectations to prevent discouragement.
  • Do not neglect self-care.  This will help you to relax and recharge when you are not working.

It is always wise to let others know you are looking to work from home because they too can give helpful suggestions and support you in your journey.  You can also join our FB Group Workersonboard Community and Work from Home Moms for other moms who work from home or have the goal of working from home just like you.

Tip for Moms – If you come across a job you’re interested in and you don’t have all the equipment in the job description, wait until you are offered the job before you buy anything.  Also, avoid telling a potential employer that you want to work from home to stay home with your kids.  Although this may be true, companies will assume that your priority is more focused elsewhere instead of performing your job duties and helping the company.  Instead, you could say something like “I want to work from home because I am more productive and happier in my home environment.

Here are at least 20 Work from Home jobs for moms below.

  1. Cambly – This company currently hires people to help others learn English online as a Tutor.  This job doesn’t require any experience and it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to apply.  It is open worldwide with weekly pay.  The best part is that you can set your own schedule and no hours are required.
  2. Drips – Work from home as a Chatroom Operator or Production QC Associate testing the delivery of SMS messages from clients on your smartphone.  You can also get paid to respond to messages in a chatroom.  Both jobs are hiring for part-time work.  No previous experience is required.
  3. Telus International – This company has several non-phone work from home jobs to rate web search results, sort media content for Siri Music App, and other jobs.  They currently have an urgent need for people to work from home helping those who have been affected by natural disasters.  You can watch my latest video to find out all the details.
  4. Do Laundry.  There are several companies that is looking for moms and others to wash, fold, and dry clothes from clients right in their homes.  All you need is a smartphone, internet access, and a reliable vehicle.  This type of work allows you to work whenever you want and stay at home.  You will get paid $20 per bag of laundry you complete plus tips and service fees billed by the customer directly to you.  You can visit Poplin for more information.
  5. Literably – This company is looking for remote workers to listen to audio files of children reading and transcribe their errors.  There is no experience required and you can make your own schedule.  You will get paid to help kids become better readers.
  6. Deal Hunter – Slick Deals is a company looking for people to find amazing deals online to help shoppers find great deals and make wise buying decisions.  This job requires you to be a personal shopper (great for moms) passionate about deals, a quick learner, and computer literate.
  7. Video Reviewer – BusPatrol is one of the few companies hiring people to review online videos to ensure kids are safe while boarding the school bus.  It is great for moms because you can work your own hours that fits right in with your schedule.  You must pay good attention to detail and live in the Easter time zone.  This job pays $10 to $18 per hour.
  8. Content Reviewers – Gaggle is looking for people to monitor student activity to ensure safety online.  You will identify and uncover bullying, threats of school violence, teen depression, etc.  You must have an enthusiasm for reading, strong communication skills, experience with social media cultures, and respect for other people’s opinions.
  9. Quality Reviewers – Millennium Information Systems is looking for people to review and process photographs of residential properties to verify the condition, build materials, hazards, etc.  There is no experinece required but you will need basic knowledge of building types and materials.  Pays $14 per hour.  Training provided.
  10. Chat Moderation – The Mayeaux Foundation is looking for individuals to moderate their Discord and delete messages that violate the rules, ban users with repeat warnings, mute users, and manage the chat.  This is a part-time job that requires you to be 18 with a high school diploma or GED.  Pays $14.50 per hour.
  11. Data Annotator – RWS is seeking candidates to add speech captions to AI content to improve accuracy.  This is a part-time job that pays $21.50 per hour.
  12. Welocalize – This company is now hiring English speakers to rate online content with true/false answers to improve AI.  If you are web savvy with excellent online research skills and can follow instructions with a strong understanding of pop culture, please be sure to apply online.
  13. Data Entry – Bold Business is hiring data entry keyers to work on application data entry, review and complete enrichment tasks, and other duties.  You must have excellent communication skills with stable internet.  Hiring immediately.
  14. Fact Checker – Dotdash Meredith is now hiring people to ensure all facts are accurate, free of errors, and supported by reputable sources.  This is a part-time job working 20 hours a week paying $22 per hour.
  15. Transcriber – 3Play Media is looking for people to listen to audio files and accurately type out the text word for word.  Set and work your own schedule.  Pays via PayPal or Payoneer.
  16. Live World – Work from home as a Social Media Agent.  This company is actively seeking agents to review and take appropriate action on social media posts, research customer answers, reject or approve content, etc.  Requires strong keyboarding skills, 2-3 years of online moderation experience, good grammar, and experience with social media tools.
  17. Payhip – Work from home selling your products (digital and physical), services, courses, memberships, and more to others online.  You will earn money every month with Payhip.  It is completely free!
  18. Transcription – Daily Transcription is looking for people to develop accurate texts from audio/video files.  You must pay strong attention to detail, type at least 50 wpm, and proofread your work.  Pays $45 to $66 per hour of material.  You will work up to 30 hours a week.
  19. FreelancersClickworker is looking for people to complete voiceovers, evaluate the web, test apps, and do other short tasks.  Pays weekly.  No experience is required.  Open worldwide.
  20. Data Labeler – Spark AI is now hiring candidates to inspect photos, images, or text to provide labels, commentary, corrections, and additional information using their application.  Requires an interest in technology and is comfortable applying general instructions.  Part-time.  Pays $15 per hour.

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