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How to Make Money in One Hour With 14 Real Life Ideas

Do you only have an hour here and there to get work done? No problem! Here is how to make money in one hour with 14 real-life ideas for doing so!

Sometimes, unexpected bills or a financial pinch can leave you searching for quick ways to make extra cash. Or, maybe you’re looking for ways to make extra money fast and regularly if you have a tight schedule with limited flexibility. 

If you have an hour to spare, there are plenty of opportunities to pocket additional income without a long-term commitment. Just keep in mind that it still may take some time to establish a new income stream, which includes gathering the tools and materials you need or marketing any services you provide to set yourself up for success. Now, let’s dive into this list of 14 real ways to make money in one hour or less.

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1. Sell Your Items Online

Another quick way to make money in one hour is to sell items from your home that you no longer want or need. This can be as simple as rounding up items in your home and having a garage sale one weekend. You can also sell things online or to buyback stores in your area and make a donation with the remaining items.

One of the best ways to sell items quickly in your local area is to use Facebook Marketplace. So many people search this app for various items daily. Platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Mercari provide the perfect opportunity to sell things you no longer need. Just snap a quick photo, write a brief description, and you might make a few sales in an hour. Electronics, clothing, jewelry, and collectibles sell especially well. 

2. Sell Unused Gift Cards

Got some gift cards lying around you don’t need? Don’t leave them to collect dust in your wallet. Websites like RaiseGiftCash, or CardCash allow you to sell unwanted gift cards for cash. You can either list the card and wait for a buyer to purchase it, or in some cases, these services will buy the card directly from you.

The process is straightforward and takes only a few minutes to list. Keep in mind that these services will take a cut of the card’s value, so you won’t get the full amount. That said, it’s still a solid way to turn those “what-were-they-thinking” gifts into currency you can use.

3. Freelance

Offering freelance services can also help you make money in one hour, but this does require some upfront work, such as creating a portfolio and reaching out to clients or applying for gigs. Graphic design, virtual assistance, or freelance writing services are all popular options. If you’re good with words, consider freelance writing. 

Many online platforms pay freelancers for article submissions and blog posts. Payment can range from a few dollars to over a hundred, depending on the platform and the complexity of the content. Tools like Grammarly can help ensure your writing is top-notch.

With virtual assistant tasks, websites like Upwork or Fiverr offer opportunities for virtual assistant work, as well as other sites and platforms like Fancy HandsBELAY, and Time Etc.

VA tasks can range from data entry and internet research to social media management. With some VA tasks paid by the hour, a short time commitment could lead to $20 to $45+ in quick earnings. Many freelance gigs allow you to set your own rates or negotiate compensation, and you’ll have more freedom over when you work so long as you meet deadlines.

4. Survey Sites

Companies are constantly seeking feedback for their products and services through paid surveys. Websites like Survey JunkieSwagbucks, and Branded Surveys offer a quick way to earn cash and other rewards by sharing your opinion. With a survey taking as little as 10 minutes and paying up to $5, this is a no-brainer for quick cash.

To maximize your earnings, sign up for several survey sites and check them regularly to apply for survey opportunities. You can take surveys while you’re at home watching television, waiting for an appointment, or during any other chunk of free time in your day.

5. Tutoring

Whether online or in-person, one-hour tutoring sessions can usually earn you anywhere from $35 to $50+ per hour, depending on the subject and your experience. Websites like Tutor.com or Wyzant can connect you with students seeking one-off or short-term tutoring help.

Studypool is another popular site that helps you earn money from home by tutoring other students. Studypool takes a 20% service fee when you book a client, but their platform allows you to market your service to tons of prospective students. You can also set your own rates and schedule. 

6. Market Research Studies

Local universities, research firms, or online platforms may offer paid market research studies. These could be focus groups or product testing that can pay anywhere from $50 to $100 for a single, hour-long session. FocusGroup.com and Respondent are two popular focus group websites to start with since you can sign up for free and apply for relevant opportunities both online and in your local area.

The process usually involves answering a few questions to see if you’re a good fit. If you are, you could be invited to participate in a paid study. The payout depends on the length of the study, but even a short invitation for a phone interview or online questionnaire can lead to you earning a sizable payment if you’re invited to participate in a market research study. 

7. Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a popular method of making money for consumer perception and satisfaction surveys. Typically, mystery shoppers visit a store, make a purchase, and report on the customer experience. Payment varies, but it can include reimbursement for your purchase and up to $50 for your time and feedback.

To get started, sign up with reputable companies such as BestMark or Market Force. These organizations will match you with shops in your area based on your profile and availability. It’s a great way to make some cash if you love shopping and have an eye for detail.

8. Transcription Work

If you’re a fast typist, transcription work could be for you. Websites like Rev and TranscribeMe offer opportunities to transcribe audio and video files into written text. With pay ranging from $15 to $25 per hour, it’s an efficient way to make money using your listening and typing skills. You can work on files as short as minutes-long video clips, podcasts, or even full-length dictations and manuscripts.

Start practicing your typing skills online using free websites like TypingTest.com. With a bit of practice, you can quickly increase your transcription speed and make more money in less time. 

Offline Ways to Make Money in One Hour

9. Babysitting

If you’re good with kids, an hour of babysitting can easily make $15 to $30+ per hour, according to Care.com. Start by offering your services to family, friends, or neighbors to make some quick cash. You can also create a profile on Care.com and SitterCity to advertise your babysitting services. While certifications can be a plus, a solid reputation and experience with children are often the most sought-after qualities.

10. Walk Dogs

If you love dogs, apps like Wag and Rover connect you with dog owners willing to pay for someone to walk their furry friends. The pay can vary, but with rates typically ranging from $15 to $25 per walk, it’s a pleasant way to make quick cash if you enjoy the outdoors. As a major bonus, you get to spend time with adorable dogs, and you can offer additional services like pet sitting. 

Similar to dog walking, pet-sitting has become a popular way to earn money flexibly from home. You can charge a nightly fee to keep pets at your home overnight or offer drop-in pet-sitter services while their families are out of town. 

11. Yard Work

Offering your services for tasks like raking leaves, mowing lawns, weeding gardens, laying mulch, or planting flowers can bring in quick cash, especially in the spring and summer months. Apps like TaskRabbit or Thumbtack connect you to people in your area who need help with yard work.

Don’t underestimate the satisfaction of a well-kept yard; this job is in high demand, fairly low-skill, and can turn your sweat equity into immediate pay. You might even find clients willing to hire you for regular maintenance.

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12. Food Delivery

Thanks to apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub, earning money by delivering food has never been more accessible. Once you’re signed up and approved, you can start taking delivery gigs immediately.

During peak meal times, you can expect to make around $15 to $25 per hour. Plus, you get to keep 100% of your tips. The process is simple: you receive a delivery request, pick up the food, and drop it at the customer’s door. The flexibility of these apps allows you to choose when you work and how much you make.

13. Grocery Delivery

Similar to food delivery but less specialized is grocery delivery. Services like Instacart and Shipt allow you to shop for groceries and deliver them to customers. Generally, the pay isn’t as high, but it’s a consistent and reliable way to make money by grabbing other people’s groceries.

You can expect to earn around $25 per hour, plus tips. The advantage here is that you can shop for multiple orders at once, making it more time-efficient. It’s also a great way to get those steps in, as you’ll often need to go up and down aisles to find items.

14. Deliver Packages

For those looking for a gig economy income stream that’s on the go, Amazon Flex is worth considering. Amazon’s on-demand delivery service allows you to pick up and deliver packages throughout your city. Pay is around $18 to $25 per hour, and you’re responsible for your own taxes and vehicle expenses.

The sign-up process can be a bit more extensive, as you’ll need to pass a background check and have a reliable vehicle. Once approved, you can schedule your availability and start delivering packages, ranging from mail to large household items, for a nice chunk of change.

How to Make Money in One Hour Wrapup

Making money in an hour is possible. From completing quick tasks online to offering help in your community, there are many ways to turn your time into a bit of extra cash. It may require some time upfront to set up your income stream, gain experience, or apply for gigs, but the timeline is flexible and depends on whenever you’re ready to get started and take action steps. With a little creativity and some willingness to jump into various opportunities, you can build a robust side hustle or simply pocket some spending money whenever you have some time to spare.

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