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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The One Percent Show: Bogumil Baranowski on Building Generational Wealth and Playing the Infinite Game of Investing

Welcome to the 32nd episode of The One Percent Show with Vishal Khandelwal. This show is an open-ended exploration into the minds of the wisest people around to help us learn to think, invest, and live each day a little, even if as little as one percent, better.

In this episode, I talked to Bogumil Baranowski, a seasoned investor, insightful author, and thought leader in finance and investing.

Bogumil is a published author of three books: Outsmarting the Crowd, Money, Life, Family, and Crisis Investing. He is also a Founder and Host of the popular investing podcast Talking Billions. In 2016, with three partners, he co-founded Sicart Associates, a boutique investment firm based in New York City, and later founded Blue Infinitas Capital. He is also a licensed private pilot, and when not reading, writing, and hosting podcasts, can be found sailing, surfing, and scuba diving around the world.

Join me as I delve into Bogumil’s mind, exploring his remarkable journey, his philosophy on investing and life, and the wonderful lessons he has learned along the way. Whether you’re an aspiring investor, a seasoned professional, or simply curious about the intersection of finance and personal development, Bogumil’s story is sure to inspire and enlighten you.


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