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Have Great Handwriting? Here are 5 Ways To Get Paid For It

Even though we are currently in the “everything digital” age, there is still something to be said for great handwriting skills. So if that’s you — and people have always been envious of your penmanship — there are more than a couple of ways to turn that into a way to earn income!

It’s not as straightforward as just getting a work at home job where you write all day for a company (although that’s not impossible). These are more think-outside-the-box ideas for ways to turn your handwriting talent into a day job for yourself.

In this article, I’ve broken down five different ideas for earning money with your handwriting skills! Read on if this interests you.

1 – Writing Notes and Letters as a Service For Others

I think we can all agree that receiving a card, note, or letter in the mail that is entirely handwritten makes us feel a bit special! It means someone took the time to sit down and actually write (not type) with their hand a thank you, a congratulations, or just a personal update on their life … just for us!

Well, what you may not realize is that there are businesses and even individuals that see the importance of this, but would prefer to outsource the work. This could be for a variety of different reasons. Maybe they want to see a handwritten note, but lack to the time to sit down and craft it. OR maybe their handwriting isn’t very neat!

This is where you could come in if you have the time to write and have nice penmanship. Start a service doing handwriting for others! PowerHomeBiz has some information on how you might go about starting this.

And if you’ve ever thought about becoming a virtual assistant, handwriting is a service you could add to your offerings.

2 – Offer Your Calligraphy Services

People love the look of calligraphy! Granted, this is a skill you may not currently have even if your handwriting is exceptional as is. But you can learn calligraphy. The Happy Ever Crafter, for example, offers instructional YouTube videos on how to do it for beginners.

What do people like to see calligraphy on? Well, it adds a nice touch to invitations, artwork, home decor, cards, certificates, and so forth. The sky is the limit. And if you are good at it, people are willing to pay you to do it for them.

Just as you could start a handwritten letter/note business, you could also start a business offering your calligraphy services.

3 – Create Customized Products With Your Handwriting

You can use your handwriting to sell customized T-shirts, artwork, journals, notebooks, stationary, and more. These are also items you could use your calligraphy skills on if you’ve learned that.

Then, you can sell your items on one of many print-on-demand sites OR on a craft items platform such as Etsy.

4 – Make and Sell Fonts With Your Handwriting

If you have an online presence or a business, you’ve probably at some point browsed and admired all the different fonts you can choose from that look like handwriting. Well — many of these were actually created by people who wrote them out. They aren’t always done by computers or AI.

If you have nice handwriting and you know how to write in several different styles, you can create fonts from your handwriting and sell them.

Where do people go to buy custom fonts? One popular site used for that is Creative Market. And Adobe has some more information here on how to go about making your own fonts.

5 – Create Handwriting or Calligraphy Tutorials

You can earn money from an online presence. And, as linked above, there are YouTubers who have channels all about learning calligraphy and handwriting. You can do this, too!

If you are comfortable on camera (or at least comfortable showing your hands writing), you can make YouTube tutorials or TikToks teaching handwriting and calligraphy skills.

People earn on these platforms via ad revenue, direct sponsorships, and affiliate commissions.

I hope this gave you some good ideas on how you can put your amazing handwriting to work and actually earn money from it! It may take a bit to get a business or revenue stream going, but if you are talented and persistent, it will likely pay off in the long run.

Good luck to you!

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